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How to install iPrint on Mac
  1. Download correct Konica Minolta C754e driver for Mac Specific OS version. (ie 10.14 etc) from:
  2. Install Driver.
  3. Install iPrint client from
  4. Paste this url into web browser and hit enter to install printer: ipp://
  5. Go to terminal
  6. Paste this command and hit enter: cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  7. Paste this into web browser and hit enter: http://localhost:631/
  8. Click on Administration tab and Manage Printers
  9. Click on iprint 2 printer and in the drop down menu select modify printer and wait for it to load.
  10. From other printers if (iPrint) is an option select it otherwise select (ipp).
  11. In the connection window paste: iprint://
  12. Click continue twice and modify printer.
  13. Open terminal and type cupsctl WebInterface=no and hit enter

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