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How to Update School List-serve subscriptions.

Update School List-serve subscriptions

To add or remove e-mail addresses from your school’s e-mail List-Serve:

Use the webmail portal on our mail server, via the URL

which will rediect you to

You can bookmark/use ether URL
Enter your list-serve admin account which is the school initials followed by the word “list” and the corresponding password. Before you click or press “enter” select “Lookout” from the “layout” drop-down menu.

After logging in, on the left hand side you will see the list name with a “+” or “-” beside it. Your school wide list will be the initials of your school, in this example I will use the list named “tech”. Right click on the name of the list (school initials) and select “List settings” from the pop-up menu.


Then click the “Subscription” tab in the window that opens.


To add a subscriber add their full e-mail address in the field “Single user” and click the “Subscribe” button.


To remove a subscriber, click the checkbox beside the user’s name and click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the window. You may need to scroll in order to see the unsubscribe button.



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