Frequently Asked Questions

3) No tree or server / Username or password incorrect.
No tree or server:
- Make sure the network cable (patch cable) is plugged into the back of the computer and is connected to the wall jack or to a network switch.
- If it is connected to a switch make sure the switch is plugged in and has power.

Submit a OS ticket if:
- the computer is connected to the switch or wall jack.
- the switch is plugged in but has no power.
- the switch is plugged in and has power but doesn't have any blinking lights.

Username or password is incorrect:
- Make sure you are logging in with your Novell username and password.
- The password is case sensitive.  
- Take your time when typing the password.
-  Make sure you haven't changed your password recently.  

Submit a OS ticket if:
- you still can't get in after 3 to 4 tries.  Please don't continue to attempt guessing the password.  Your account will be locked after 10 failed attempts.

Logged in to too many stations:
- Remember that you can only log in to one computer at a time.
- Always remember to log off of the computer you are using before attempting to log on to another.

Submit a OS ticket if:
- you are logged off of all other machines and still receive the message.  Make sure when you log off you select log off NOT switch user.

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